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Northern Illinois Horse Boarding Facility Located in Capron, IL
(North of Belvidere, East of Rockford, West of Harvard, Northwest of Chicago)

80x140 Boarding Barn
80x140 Custom Built Barn

    N estled in the rural Northern Illinois Farmland, we have built a first class barn for boarding, lessons, training, and trail riding. Set on 120 acres, we have developed many amenities over the years at our boarding facility that include a quality feeding program, indoor riding arena, on property riding trails, large pasture turnouts, and outdoor arena.

Our staff is trained at the British Horse Society in Hertfordshire, England and have many years experience in boarding horses. While many of our boarders are here for our Illinois Summer Show circuit, we do provide a very relaxed environment regardless of your desires. Whether Western Pleasure or Hunter Jumper, our boarding facility will suit your needs.

We have been in the boarding business since 2004 and continue to develop a solid reputation in Northern Illinois for our boarding, training, and lesson programs. Our success stories range from Grand Champion at Boone County Fair to countless champions at Open and Rated shows within Northern Illinois and South Central Wisconsin.

100x200 Outdoor Arena
100x200 Outdoor Arena

Built in 2009, we spent a lot of time and effort expanding our boarding offerings by building this outdoor arena. Designed and constructed by a local professional contractor, it has character and style next to a half acre pond. It is set behind the barn almost 2000 feet from any road here in Northern Illinois and is very quiet and secluded.

Beginner Lessons

For Beginners:
If you are new or have no experience at all with horses and need some basic instruction on how to care, ride, and maintain your equine friend, we can help. There are only a handful of barns in Northern Illinois that provide a safe ride environment with the type of facility we have to offer. We offer basic to intermediate instruction that can provide you with the knowledge and information you need to care for your horse.

Intermediate Jumping

For Intermediate:
Have you been riding for a while and need to take it to the next level? Do you want to move from basic riding to jumping and cross country? Our lesson programs can take you there. We can evaluate your current skills and discuss your desires to determine what the appropriate lesson program design would be to improve your skills and confidence in riding and provide you with the end results.

Advanced Hunter Jumping

For Advanced:
If you are looking for advanced lessons in Hunt seat or Jumping, our trainer has the experience to take you to the next level. Not all barns and trainers are equal and we know that. Our goal is to provide you with a friendly environment to take your skills to where you want them to be. We are currently showing showing on the rated Illinois Short Circuit and have a proven track record in Open and Rated communities of Illinois show jumping of being successful with many different riders of all ages with various skill levels and desires.

Stable Management

Indoor Arena

Facility Management:
Do you own your own boarding barn? Are you looking for additional knowledge on how to care for your horse in the long term? Our barn manager and owner can provide you will all the knowledge you need. Long term care of horse includes knowledge of the following topics:

Feeding Programs/Diet:
Just like humans, not all horses have the same dietary requirements and needs. We can teach you how to evaluate feed, supplements, and basic nutrition of whatever horse you will own in the future.

Hay quality and Pasture Rotation:
Not all hay is equal and knowing how to purchase quality hay for your breed of horse and to properly rotate your horses in the pastures is valuable information to maintain your facility over the long haul.

Keeping your horses healthyat your barn or boarded at someone elses includes knowing how to keep their feet properly trimmed. Knowing how to select a farrier and having some knowledge of what types of shoes and trims are appropriate for the activity your horse will be performing. Our staff has worked with many farriers over the years and can assist you in evaluating farriers.

Vet and Health:
Just as you learn how to care for your own health over the years, caring for your horse's health also needs to be learned. Knowing when your horse is off and then what to do about it is not easy to figure out. Knowing the difference between something that can be addressed on your own versus calling the Vet can save you thousands in the long run and we feel is an important part of owning a horse. Our extensive training from the British Horse Society and Vet Training courses can teach you the signs of a healthy horse to when it is serious enough to contact a Vet.

  •  Instructor and Equine Management training from the British Horse Society in Hertfordshire, England.
  •  22 years experience in Equine Industry
  • Owner/Operated Facility
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Russellville Manor Equine Boarding Facility

Custom Built Lester Horse Barn
Our boarding barn was designed and built for the comfort of horses and ease of use for boarders. With 14 stalls and a roomy very well lit indoor riding arena, we are here to provide the utmost loving care for your horse no matter what your desires.
  • 14 Stall Horse Barn, 3 Outside Pasture Shelters
  • 60x120 Indoor Riding Arena
  • 100x200 Outdoor Riding Arena
  • 120 Acres of Prime riding trails, hay fields, wetlands, and horse pasture.
  • 15 Acres of dedicated Horse pastures with Electrobraid Fence.
  • 25 Acres of Custom Hay Fields

Cole - Equine Champion
"Offering Professional, Caring instruction  in a positive and friendly environment"
Russellville Manor is a full service equestrian boarding barn offering quality boarding, training,  riding lessons, and on-site trails. We cater to all horse enthusiasts from the pleasure rider through the A circuit. 
Spring Grove Open 2009

2011 Show Circuit

Showing on the Illinois Short Circuit in 2011. We have a various group of aged riders and skill set riding this year. From basic hunt seat to advanced jumping, our riders are excited for a successful season. Even if you do not own a horse or board at our barn, you too can be part of the summer show circuit. If you would like to join us, just give us a call. Contact Us.

Spring Grove Open 2009
Panarama of Russellville Manor Farm
This unique perspective of our horse boarding farm here in Northern Illinois shows you how secluded and quiet it really is. Set almost 1/2 mile off the rural road and 4 miles from any major state road, we are a secret among the rural farmland in Northern Illinois. If you are looking for a place in Northern Illinois for horse boarding, basic riding skills, hunter jumper lessons, or stable management, our facility has it all.

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